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Optimization Strategy Map

The Optimization Strategy Map is used to provide a high-level plan. The map can be divided into four primary categories of information. Below is a breakdown of the different sections of the map.


The strategy map can be broken down into four major sections; define the experience; identify how and what to measure; understand your users; plan your follow up.

Experimentation Plan Canvas

While the Optimization Strategy Map focuses on the overarching strategy, the Experimentation Canvas focuses on specific experiments we will run.

Through a handful of simple questions, it allows us to define a test plan that we can share out and put into practice.

  1. What are you testing?
  2. What do you know (about the problem from the research and data your organization has done)?
  3. What is your hypothesis?
  4. What will you test?
  5. What is your primary metric?
  6. What are your secondary metrics?
  7. How will you iterate?

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